Struggling to Manage Your Shopify Store Data?

With Bulkify, you can manage, edit and update your collections, products and more in a quick and easy way. History tracking of changes to data keeps the data protected against situations where you might need to roll back changes.

Create, Organize, and Manage all Your Shopify Store Data From One Easy-To-Use Interface

Bulkify simplifies the tedious process of importing and updating your Shopify Collections, products and other store data! Bulk maintain and update your Shopify store data in just a few clicks with on-screen bulk editing interface. Bulk Export data to any email of your choice!

Easy to Use

Using Bulkify, you can easily manage your Shopify Collections and Products from any device. Bulk edit the store data with ease, add or remove data quickly through a simple standalone interface.

Save Hours

With Bulkify, you can quickly and easily edit multiple collections, products or variants at once. Simply select the products or variants you want to edit, then make your changes. You can bulk edit collections, products, prices, tags, titles, descriptions, and metafields etc. This saves you countless hours of time and makes managing your store much easier.

History Tracking

Bulkify allows you to track the history of data changes, making it simple to roll back to a previous version. Your data is valuable, and keeping track of it is essential for every store owner.

Transform your Shopify store into a thriving business with minimal effort.

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Bulkify Feature

Bulk Edit Data

Bulkify makes bulk editing your data on Shopify a breeze today. No need to worry about waiting for backups and exports, no need to import data and overwriting previously updated records.

Bulk edit data on one screen.
Update smart collection rules and collection metafields in a single update.
View all data on one screen.
Bulkify Feature

Bulk Export Data

Bulkify enables you to export your data with full details on a click of a button.

Export all data to email of your choice.
Export data in excel format
Option to export all or selected data
Bulkify Feature

One-Point Data Access

Bulkify gives you a clear overview of your collection and metafields by making them accessible from one place and lets you search for specific records with filters.

With Bulkify dashboard you’ll be able to visually manage your Shopify store data. It lets you quickly check the insight of your Shopify store by representing collections, products and collection count in the form of graphics.

Bulkify Feature

Track Data History

With bulkify you can now track your data. You made a mistake or did multiple changes, we track it all.

Create a history of all the changes you made
View history of all changes you made.
Use old data from history list with ease.