How It Works

Bulkify is an application for those users who are handling huge amounts of collection on daily bases. Editing and handling such huge collections is hectic to this problem, our team had come up with a solution “Bulkify”. Bulkify provides editing or updating and viewing a large number of collections in one go. The user can edit and view a huge number of collections together in a table. Bulk editing is possible and easy through Bulkify.

App Installation and Register

Steps to bulkify app Installation

Enter valid shop name. Click on “Connect” button. This will take you to Shopify installation page.
Install Bulkify on your store. Once the installation is completed it will take you to the registration page.


Click on “Email Address "and enter a valid email address
Click on “Password”, and enter a password of at least 8 characters.
Click on “Confirm Password” and enter the same password which is entered in the “Password” field.
Click on “Register” button, a mail is sent to registered email address.


Click on “Verification Code” and enter the code received in mail.
Click on “Verify and Continue” button.
Once registered, the user will be redirected to the dashboard page.
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