Privacy Policy

Bulkify is owned by Webuters Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (also “Company” / “We” / “Us”/”Our”/”Webuters”). We completely understand the importance of privacy and deeply care for users (also “User”/ “You” /”Yourself” / “Your”). This policy applies to every End User of our services, through our website ( and the websites of our apps including Bulkify) or other applications. In order to provide our services to you, we may collect information from you. This Privacy policy is to keep you informed of our information collection practices and how we use this information, thereby helping you to make your choices on data sharing with us.

We have implemented all the necessary controls and measures according to abiding regulations, we have provided all the necessary information in this Privacy Policy and we encourage you to read this page carefully before making use of the service.

This Privacy Policy is an electronic agreement signed between You and the Company under the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules made thereunder and all the provisions and amendments on documents/electronic records in various statutes as stated in the Information Technology Act, 2000. To agree and abide by this Privacy Policy, no electronic, physical or digital signature are required. Your use of Bulkify or any or all of the services offered by Webuters indicated your consent to abide by this privacy policy.


Bulkify (also “The App): The Shopify app called “Bulkify” with its related website and services, owned by Webuters Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

App User: A person who makes use of the Bulkify App while it is installed on their Shopify store.

Visitor: A visitor visiting or web resources, not necessarily a use of the app.

General Principles

With regards to the privacy of your data, we process only the data that is necessary for predetermined purposes such as to make The App function and to improve or services in order to make user experience better and of high-quality.

By using the services provided or offered by us or through us, you hereby agree and show your consent on information collection, information management, storage, process and transfer of your personal and non-personal information shared by you with us, to be used by us as stated in this Privacy Policy. You further agree and abide that collection and use of information shared by you shall not generate any unlawful gain or loss to you or any other person involved.

We protect your privacy and your personal data. We don’t sell or share any personal data to third parties unless it is required by the law, such as, if it is approved by the App User.


We may collect user information including personal information voluntarily provided by you at the time of app installation or use of Webuters services. The Information as provided by you is your consent to

You understand and agree that freely available information which is available in the public domain or the information which is supplied under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other applicable law in force, shall not be considered sensitive. You hereby give your consent that you agree and understand that such information is not sensitive.


The personal information a cookie can contain is the information you provide voluntarily. You understand that a cookie cannot read data off your hard drive. We may collect information from cookies, to improve or App or services offered to you. Our advertisers or Third-party websites on any of the services offered by us may assign their cookies to your browser only when you click on ads. You understand and agree that this process of cookie collection by third-party is out of our control.

Our web servers robotically collect your internet connection information, including your IP address, and the time of your visit to our website or use of app. You understand that your IP address is just a number that does not identify you personally. We make use of this information to improve our app experience, deliver our services to you on request, and to count traffic on our services.

Browsing our Site

We may collect some of your information, if you visit or browse through or website without sharing any personal data. All the visitor information collected by us cannot identify you. We collect the information like your IP address, your time of visit, the date of visit, type of browser and similar, when you browse our site without login or register All the information collected by us when you visit including the IP address is solely for the purpose to enhance our services and administer the website or app.

Information that we collect

Upon registration we may collect your demographic information or business-related information, whichever is required. You should provide a valid name, email address, contact number and other required details. For the purposes of billing, we do not store your financial data.

You agree and understand that we will not be responsible for the content made and published by you with use of the app or our services, this applies to all the information collected by us, provided by you, through the platform. You agree and understand that you hold the responsibility for all the content you share through our services and we in no case will be held responsible for it.

Information Sharing

We may share information provided by you, including without limitation, personal and sensitive information with the third party without any prior permission in the following situations:

  • To comply with abiding laws and legal process.
  • When required by law or governmental authority, government agency or court for verification of user identity, or for including without limitation for prevention of offences like cybercrime, for investigation and detection. The information disclosures to abiding laws and other government agencies are made in good faith and belief when necessary to enforce the privacy policy in compliance with the abiding laws and regulations of the nation.
  • In case of business acquisition, merger, bankruptcy, reorganization, or any other such conditions, user information may be moved to successor, in compliance with all the laws this Privacy Policy abides to and any other security and confidentiality measures.

Other Links


Our policy includes the privacy practices for Bulkify, Webuters and services offered by us. Our app or services redirect you to securely process payments, which prompts you to authorize payment. Our App or other products may include links to third-party websites or banner ads or other advertisements, which does not indicate that “We” authorize or endorse that third party, nor it signifies us as representing our affiliation with that third party.

You understand and abide by that We will not be held responsible for the privacy policies of the third party websites that you accessed through our App, website or other services. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of the third party websites and use only if you abide by them. You agree and understand that your decision to use a third party application is beyond our control and we will not be responsible for your such actions.

Data Access Boundaries

The app functions withing the boundaries of one Shopify store where it is installed. We do not share the data of one App User or the Shopify store with another App User or the Shopify store. Using export and import to deliberately export data from one store and import it to another, you can import the data from other Shopify store to another. The App access to the Shopify store data is always initiated, configured or scheduled by the App User.

Data Retention

The personal information collected from the User will only be retained for as long as necessary for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy unless it is required to continue processing of your personal information for a longer period of time to comply with applicable laws. We shall retain your personal data for the period of applicable statute of limitation to protect our legal interests against potential claims. We will use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We may provide this personal information to a third party if we have a good reason to believe there is imminent harm that cannot be avoided by other means. You agree to such retention and are aware that it is not in any way meant to be invasive of your privacy.

The information that we collect from the App user may be retained for up to 10 years from the end of the year in which the service has been provided or received. We will continue to hold information that is required for our accounting purposes or longer if required for the protection against potential claims. The retention of Customer support may be up to 5 years or until it is needed as a protection against potential claims.

Once the App is uninstalled, Bulkify or Webuters will delete all imported and exported data history files. The respective data is stored for one month in order for the Webuters to be able to exercise a defense against possible legal claims on the functionality of the App. Where the claim is raised, the necessary data will be stored and processed until the claim is resolved.

Data Security

As Webuters and Bulkify are digital platforms that handle sensitive information, it has to take precautions to protect the data it processes or stores. Webuters website and The App communication channel over the web are encrypted using SSL certificates.

Webuters is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company and the App is protected with strong security to keep your data safe.

Destroyed data cannot be recovered

In the case where a data breach has happened despite the efforts to prevent that, it is important to inform all users about the content of what particular data was compromised and the risk associated. We'll be able to notify you about such a data breach no later than 72 hours after it was detected.

Mass Mailing and E-mail

By making use of the app, you give your consent on receiving the following communication from us over email:

  • Replies to your email messages.
  • Emails related to new feature in the app, or a fix requested by you. This communication is privately informed you that your request has been fulfilled and is delivered by Webuters.
  • Automated and mass mailing about the events related to APP with opt-in or opt-out option. App Users can change their preference from the The App “Settings” section, or they can unsubscribe by contacting support or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in any of the received e-mails.

User Rights

  • Access to personal data and support to help with access issues.
  • User can remove their data from the resources controlled by Webuters, if it is allowed by legal or accounting limitations. In case to remove personal data you need to send a request to the support. Requested data will be removed in accordance with our Privacy Policy provisions and in accordance with legal and security requirements.
  • All user imported and exported data history files automatically delete when you uninstall the app.
  • To correct your personal data in the app, you need to contact Support.

If not otherwise mentioned in this Privacy Policy, please contact us via email. Please note that we may need additional personal data and your identification to process user rights.


You understand and agree that by starting using the app for your store/brand/business is the end the services that we offer to you excluding support. You further agree that you will be responsible for the use of the app and or any loss caused due to information sharing from your end. We do not share your information. You are hereby informed that We shall not be liable for any user entered content, content update and changes including but not limited to collections, store data and more .


Webuters reserves the full right to change and Update this Privacy Policy occasionally without giving any prior intimation to you, and if you continue using the app offered by us it will signify your acceptance of updated or modified privacy policy and all its provisions.

You are therefore encouraged to read this Privacy policy in regular intervals. Your use of our services including the app is your consent to abide by this Privacy Policy, if you do not accept any or all provisions of this Privacy Policy, you should end your use of our servers and the app immediately.

Grievance Redressal

Bulkify is the product of Webuters Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a private limited company registered in India. Any complaints regarding this privacy policy or any of its provisions shall be send to the email (also “Support”) through email signed with the electronic signature.

Any dispute arising from this Privacy Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the abiding laws.